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Coach's Code of Conduct

Coach's Code of Conduct

When conducted with positive and supportive intentions, youth sports programs play an important role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of children. As a coach, you inherit a great responsibility to lead and develop your team, whose success relies on your judgment to recognize how the potential of each player can be captured, and then folded back into the team you are leading.

As a Portland Cal Ripken Coach, I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for each player participating in our league, and specifically, those under my leadership as Coach by adhering to the following code of conduct.

I will:

  • Place the emotional and physical well being of players ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • Treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development for the same age group.
  • Provide a safe playing environment for all players, keeping player health and wellness in the forefront at all times.
  • Do my best to organize practices that are fun, challenging, and supportive for all players.
  • Lead by example by speaking positively with fellow coaches and parents
  • Teach the rules of the game to all players, and be available to advise parents on rules, as required.
  • Remember that I am a youth sports coach and that the game is being played for the players, not me.
  • Strive to use positive coaching language with players. (e.g.) coach the players in what they "could do right next time," rather than what they "did wrong this time."
  • Not verbally attack other coaches, umpires, parents, or players through profanity or other offensive language.
  • Promote fun, fairness, and sportsmanship over winning.
  • Not single out individual players to exhibit their wrong behavior or poor skill through "shame" or "example"
  • Emphasize that players shall treat each other, their coaches, officials, and parents with respect.
  • Foster a spirit of team atmosphere and not one individual achievements.
  • Abstain from possession of alcoholic beverages and/or use of any illegal substance at practices and games.
  • Not smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco on game or practice fields or within the sight of any participants.
  • Understand that verbal assault and/or intimidation of players, coaches, umpires, and other parents will not be tolerated, and is subject to ejection from the field premises, and further disciplinary action.
  • Understand that there is zero tolerance for any form of physical assault. Any such actions will result in my immediate ejection from the field premises, and further disciplinary action.

I understand that if I violate these rules, I am subject to disciplinary action levied by PCR that could include, but is not limited to: verbal and/or written warning, ejection from games, or indefinite suspension from league activities, as determined by the PCR Board of Directors.

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