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Player Code of Conduct

Player's Code of Conduct

The core of PCR's player's responsibilities reflect common and important expectations: Be respectful of others, be responsible with your actions, play fair, do your best, and always exhibit good sportsmanship.

As a PCR player I hereby pledge that I will:

  • Encourage my teammates and opponents to display good sportsmanship by modeling good sportsmanship myself.
  • Support my teammates by positively acknowledging when they make a good play and encouraging them when mistakes are made.
  • Show respect to my teammates and coaches by being on time to every practice and game, having a good attitude, showing my willingness to learn, staying focused and doing my best, and telling my coaches if I will be absent from a game or practice.
  • After each game, be genuine when congratulating the other team as an example of good sportsmanship.
  • Not allow myself, nor encourage others, to use unfriendly language, insults, or violence (such as pushing, shoving, or more extreme harmful physical action) to others.
  • Be considerate and a good sport when I win, by not "rubbing it in" or reacting poorly when I lose, but by working to accept all outcomes with a good attitude.
  • Obey the rules of the game and always work for the good of the team.
  • Accept the decisions of the umpires without negative words or body language (such as stomping my feet, throwing my bat, etc.) and never challenge or question calls by umpires or coaches during the course of the game. If I need to, after a game or at practice I will respectfully ask a coach to explain the reasoning behind a call.
  • Be respectful of others and their property by not disrespectfully touching my teammates nor by showing disrespect to equipment, property, or facilities (such as kicking, throwing, or vandalizing), whether it is my own, another player's, or the league's property.
  • Remember that I am expected to focus on the work we are doing as a team, and that playing baseball is meant to be fun.
  • Represent Portland Cal Ripken with respect, pride, and leadership through good example.
  • Recognize that when I am at practices or games, my coaches are in charge, and are available to talk to with me about any feelings or concerns I may have.

I understand that there are rules that I should follow when playing baseball with PCR. If I do not follow them, my coaches and/or parents and I will have a conversation regarding the issue, and expect that the situation will be worked out in a manner that is best for both my team and me.

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We are a youth baseball organization ages 5-15 benefiting, Portland, Oregon primarily Southeast, Northeast, and North Portland Areas.

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